Although binding options are virtually unlimited, it seems that, for many artists in love with art at a not safe for work level, combining something useful with a piece of beauty is not quite easy to achieve. We’ve seen various furniture elements with stretched, twisted and tumbled designs; unfortunately, they were rarely useful in a home. It’s a challenge to provide the ultimate 100% usable but artistic furniture.


Sternum Case was designed by Don Howell for Hellman Chang’s Creative Co-Op Studio in Brooklin. It renders the closest it can get to the ideal spine position when resting, while maintaing great lining and inspiring edges. Sternum Case holds no less than 60 joints, generating a bold visual statement using solid-wood construction. Artwork is defined from all view angles without forgetting the ergonomic characteristcs. You get to sit on a piece of art and not feel like your bones are about to get crushed.

When it comes to providing uniqueness in design, only a few fail, even in furniture design. However, adding the need for confort and compatibility with the rest of the environment changes the game difficulty. Sternum Case is designed to be both simple and complex through shape, but fully usable and confortable through materials used and angles generated. It measures 20x54x40 inches, and comes into a whole lot of finishing touches. When requesting a quote on the official website, the buyer can choose between no less than 19 finishes, including variations of oak, walnut, sapele and a custom option, which probably adds on top of the price.