For some reason, I find it endearing when I see really creative and innovative people come up with simple concepts that make their work stand out from the crowd and change our perspective about the most banal things. I feel this way about the BUILD project, which we bring forward today, to shed light on a new design of furniture that comes as a solution to the boring and toxic old fashioned furniture.

The creators point out the fact that most furniture in our homes, because it is, essentially, pressed wood, contains high levels of formaldehyde which eventually will evaporate and may contribute to cancer. BUILD comes to solve that problem, by having expanded polypropylene as a main component, a recyclable material, completely toxic-free, emission free, allergy friendly and actually safe enough to eat!

Aside from the environmental aspect (which is great!), the modular, honeycomb-like design allows for various functions, ranging from a wall rack, to transport or storage boxes, chairs, room divider and most likely a very interesting piece for your cat. Its minimalistic and versatile look makes it (them?) adaptable to most rooms, and would probably be a novelty item for your bar/bistro. It’s easy to install and clean, very lightweight, with a silky smooth texture.

If you want to contribute to the production of Build, you can chip in via Indiegogo, either by pre-ordering a few pieces or simply put in a few bucks, to support a couple of creative people.


Wohndesign - weisses Sofa vor grüner Wand

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