I know we all are fish lovers and fish tanks most certainly bring a splash of color to our cribs. But this fish maintaining business comes along with several issues that transform passion into pure labor: the water changes, cleaning the filter, removing the dirt, the algae that won’t stop growing… not to mention the smelly water. As time goes by, there’s a lot more to take care of than you’ve signed up for.

[adsense300gray]Avo, a self-cleaning aquarium makes fish keeping as easy as possible, using a unique biological filtration system to remove the toxins from the water. The main idea was to
develop a balanced ecosystem where the plants, fish and bacteria work together to keep the water healthy and the environment clean. Self-renewing filtration system worked so well replacing old poisonous bacteria with beneficial bacteria up to 18 months, without any water changes or filter cleaning.
Another extra feature is the discreet automatic heater that keeps a constant temperature of 27 degrees Celsius providing the perfect flourishing environment for both plants and fish. Avo’s automatic LED lighting prevents unwelcomed algae from growing and assures the correct amount of light throughout the day, turning into soft glowing blue during the night time.

Avo may seem quite small for a fish tank, though self-maintaining and cleverly enabled, but it’s the perfect home for lots of tropical fish species. Style inspiration comes from fashion and furniture design and looks rather stunning than dull, fitting almost anywhere.