If you thought you’ve seen it all , well, stick around for some more. Today I will show you how to eat like billionaires, i.e. at a dining table made of (burning) money.

When you are so rich that money are boring, what else can you do? Burn them, just for the heck of it. Well, at least that’s what  Atelier Amarist and Alejandro Monge think that rich people do.

[adsense300gray]Don’t tell anyone, but I can guarantee you that rich people never burn money, they think differently. Maybe that’s why they are rich and you’re not.

Getting back to business, this masterpiece of contemporary art is a subtle way of saying “stop being poor” or, who knows, money is cool?

Actually, the artist tried to induce a cognitive dissonance in the mind of the beholder regarding the relativity of money as opposed to time, people, the God’s green earth and the whole 9 yards (hippie bull). Money don’t matter and so on and so forth. Well, money are not important, I agree. Their absence is.

*disclaimer : no money were harmed during the making of this article.

too much 3

too much 4

too much 5

too much 6

too much 7


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