In the last year, a lot of applications and good ideas have been brought to daylight for helping you enhance your living experience. Tado is one of them, as it brings a clever solution for enabling you to save energy (and thus, money) by offering you the possibility of controlling your home’s heating system.

[adsense300gray]Well, actually, you really don’t have to do anything, as it manages to do the job all by itself. Tado consists in a box that replaces your thermostat, if you have one, or gets attached to your heating system if you don’t. You also have a temperature sensor  and a gateway for connecting to the internet through your router. This is where the fun starts – tado also offers an application for your mobile phone (and your family’s phones) and with this app and your GPS, tado will always know where you are and heat up your house when you’re coming home or cool it down when you leave it. It also adjusts to your home’s heating properties and checks the weather conditions online for learning if it’s sunny or cold, thus adapting to the sun heating (or the lack of it), being more efficient.

Check it out on Kickstarter.

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