Getting rid of cable cords is a constantly rising trend, and home&office products are being design to satisfy the need of minimalist design, especially without any cables hanging around. A great example is the Stage Interactive Shelf. It may not look very tech related but this piece of furniture can actually get together with most of your handheld devices.


You got to admit that the Stage Interactive Shelf looks just like any wooden shelf hanged on the wall, but once it slides out, you realize it is a reverse drawer. It features space for charging your gadgets along with enough space to fit in a five plug power outlet. On top of the shelf there is a slot to slide the cables through, continuing with foam rubber coating on the inside, just to make sure your devices don’t get any scratches or other physical damage while charging.

Users can choose between placing the tablets on the thin gap on top of the shelf or stick them inside the Stage shelf, for charging. Given its sizes, the shelf can accommodate up to five handheld devices, this being limited by the fitted five plug power outlet. You can order the Stage Interactive Shelf in four colorways: black lacquer, white lacquer, walnut veneer or oak veneer. Each of these nuances compliment toned walls perfectly, making this piece of furniture not only smart but also stylish. The shelf can be easily fit on mostly any wall and can withstand just enough weight to be able to add a lamp on top of it.





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