Remember how troublesome carrying all that picnic gear to the beach or the random designated picnic space up on a cliff usually is? Not to mention the additional cooler box and folding table and all the other paraphernalia that comes along with a successful eat-out. Completely foldable and portable, this picnic chair can be easily flung on your muscular back as you trek through the wilderness towards your chosen dining area. Fill the cooler bag with your beverage of choice (some user reviews say it can’t really support a lot of weight, being limited to about three bottles until the velcro gives in) and enjoy a nice summer day in comfort. It also has shelves for storing your books/camera/whatever else you decided to bring along on your trip, so that the sun and sand won’t get to them. Above the shelves you have a tiny table-like surface with a cup-holder, so that your drink stays in place.

Comfortable, sturdy and firm, this chair is an investment for the picnic season to come.

Picnic-Time-Fusion-Portable-Cooler-Chair-4Picnic-Time-Fusion-Portable-Cooler-Chair-3 Picnic-Time-Fusion-Portable-Cooler-Chair-2 Picnic-Time-Fusion-Portable-Cooler-Chair-1