All industrial districts slowly faded away, replaced by the newer yet so dominant office buildings making their name downtown of every major city around the world. But what happened to the space they once dully occupied ? Well, most of it was remodelled to accommodate the needs of every respective neighbourhood, but some of these buildings remained on their feet, only to find themselves out of any sort of reason for existing. So what’s the whole idea ? Home design experts took their creativity and tried to find a way to convert these architectural-nowdays-nonsense to become responsible members of the community.


Innovation is the key word here, keep that in mind, as we talk about raw elements, like brick-walls or huge, irreplaceable windows. It is undoubtedly harder to redefine the morose floors of the old factories than to build from scraps, but their results are pretty cool. Using an apartment like that could have many great advantages: it’s spacious, classy and it takes the owner out of the line. I don’t know if they are harder to take care of, but they give any dinner, home party or good night sleep a touch of high quality spent time, any other house around lacks. To think that you can enjoy a movie in the place where some decades ago nuts and nails were forged is amazing. Here we have some examples of what these guys’ imagination can do to these brick exposed walls.

They speak about elegance combined with echoes that bind the past to the present time, a remember of the majesty that should never be lost.