Driven by the waves, currents, and wind. Bleached by the sun and the salty water of the oceans. Polished in the surf by rocks, stones and sand… And, in the end found stranded on some beach. This is the provenience of the boards, plank, poles and dunnage bars used to create these magnetboards.

After being found, they are photographed and dated. The photograph of the discovery site and the date of discovery are found in the logbook accompanying the magneticboard. The exact geographical coordinates are also burnt into the wood with a branding iron.

[adsense300gray]It is naturally understood that each driftwood magnetic board is unique and has a wonderful story behind, just waiting to be revealed. Just think of the long journey it made until it was found lying on a beach!

But the driftwood magnetboards do not only look great! They are also equipped with powerful magnets which are sunken into boreholes. When the driftwood magnet board is fixed to the wall, these magnets will be invisible.

After traveling the seas and oceans and after being prepared, the driftwood magnetboards make one final trip, to their final destination. They are shipped all over the world (where it is possible). Since each product is unique, the shipping costs differ and are provided in each product description.

The magnetboards come in a canavas bag, accompanied by the above-mentioned logbook which, besides the already-mentinoned information (photographs of the discovery site, and the date of discovery) also contains information about the discovery site and mounting instructions. The shipment also includes mounting materials.