December is, par excellence, the ultimate party season! And what’s a party without a good cocktail? Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, you’ll surely agree that besides good quality ingredients, good quality tools are also a must!
The Mason Shaker Barware Set is all you need to create a killer cocktail, that even the pickiest will love! The set contains:

  1. the praised Mason Shaker: a four-piece shaker different from the classical (and dull) stainless steel shakers being made around a mason jar,
  2. a double stainless steel jigger that can measure both half and full shots,
  3. and a 10″ hardwood muddler.

If you’re not a pro or you lack imagination… or simply you’re on the look out for something new you’ll be happy to find that the Mason Shaker Barware Set also comes with a copy of Shaker – a cocktail recipe book which will surely inspire and help you get started!
[adsense300gray]The set comes in a cardboard carry tote which makes it perfect for a gift. The regular price is $50 (a modest price considering its usefulness and quality).
The Mason Shaker Barware Set will simply turn every one into a cocktail making expert! You can be sure that all your guests will appreciate the cocktails you will make with it! Oh, and they will also be impressed by the way this set looks! In other words, it’s the perfect combination between utility and looks!
I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for a good cocktail now! Does anyone fancy a Martini? Cheers!