And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

Nietzsche said that. But I bet he never expected the abyss to be transformed into a convenient coffee table slash conversational piece. We’re not sure how much this table will gaze back, but it certainly will be gazed at. From its gorgeous blue hues to the flawless mimicking of the depths of the ocean, the Abyss Table brings the majesty of the big blue to interior design. This geological cross-section is as mesmerising as the sea, not to mention that it looks like something straight out of Minecraft.

[adsense300gray]Designed by Christopher Duffy for Duffy London, the Abyss Table is hand made to order in London from sustainable materials, and limited to an edition of 25. The story of how this table came into existence is as follows. Designer Christopher Duffy explains: “I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer’s factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers – the same way the sea does as it deepens. I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth’s sea bed. Like a mythical power had lifted a perfect rectangle straight from the earth’s crust to use as his personal ornament.” 

Long story short: if you happen to have about $10,000 just laying around and are fascinated by the ocean to the extent that you need this table, go ahead and order one. Just remember to be patient and allow 8-12 weeks for delivery. 









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