You know how annoying it is to write notes during a meeting, take a blurry picture of your work to share with colleagues or saying that you will remember all that has been discussed but you know you won’t?

The Smart Kapp dry-erase board has been designed to improve business productivity and collaboration. Just plug it in, download the app from the App Store and us the QR-code to connect. Android users can simply download the app from Google Play and pair their device by simply taping it against the board. As soon as the device is connected, the content on the Smart Kapp will be updated live on your smartphone or tablet.

[adsense300gray]Smart Kapp works like an usual dry-erase board with a dry-erase pen and eraser. The only difference and what makes it really special is the fact that what is written on it can be shared with colleagues in the same room or across the globe. You can connect your team members by clicking the share button and sending them the URL generated by Smart Kapp.

You can also capture snapshots of the content written on Smart Kapp by touching the camera icon on the board and you can also save all the data to a USB drive. Clicking the save button you will upload content on your favorite Cloud service. Smart Kapp allows you to take your work everywhere you go or email your work to colleagues who could not attend the meeting. Even if the board is erased you will still have all the content stored on your device. Smart Kapp helps you collaborate better, work faster and more efficient.