[adsense300gray]Here’s a great gift idea for a special female presence from your life: an optical illusion vase. Either it’s your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or just somebody you really like and appreciate, offering her this unique looking vase will surely impress her and make her room much more interesting!

When I say optical illusion, I’m referring to the Penrose Triangle, an impossible figure, pretty sure that you know what I’m talking about. This vase is imitating it, so, when being looked at from a particular angle, our weird shaped vase looks exactly like it. Kind of neat, if you appreciate this kind of stuff and if your lady friend does too.

Even if not, it’s still interesting to look at and a wonderful gift! Women generally love flowers, so a vase is a smart and practical gift that she’ll actually use, not just leave it somewhere and forget about it. Also, you should get a beautiful flower to accompany the vase, this way you’ll definitely hit the spot, as if the vase fails to impress the way you expect it to, the flower will surely find its way into your lady’s heart!

The optical illusion vase is a very interesting piece of work and will look good in every living room, so you might as well buy one for yourself instead of offering it as a gift.

This creative flower vase was designed by Cuatro Cuatros but unfortunately you cannot buy it (yet?).