People often associate innovation with light, and any bright idea with a light bulb. Well so does Flyte, only they wanted to take it to the next level. The whole idea of Flyte is to combine magnetic levitation with induction. The mastermind behind this project was always fascinated by the way different objects can rise and revolve around thin air. He put his mind to work and came up with this: using a so-called base, crafted from a combination of oak, ash and walnut, all coming from sustainable sources, the light bulb can be lifted up a few inches away from the base and left there using the power magnets can create through the air.


Personally, I find this concept pretty chique, because it can give a room a much needed touch of class. Operating it is easy: you place the bulb on the middle of the base, you watch it lit up, and gently let go. You now have a levitating light. You can also tap the base to turn it on or off. This is all eco-friendly: it uses an energy efficient led, also to make it last longer, and the base is made from above mentioned materials, making it usable for so long, that you won’t need to replace it; the base is also useful for other stuff, like recharging your devices when you don’t need it for the bulb. Flyte is still a concept, but if it comes out, it might turn some heads around as it poses an alternative for any minimalist interior design creation.