We don’t know about you, but we were cringing in our seats watching videos where people chop vegetables or slice bread and pizza on an iPad. I think it’s a more disturbing feeling than watching Spiderbot dance.

If you hate your iPad that much, give it to a friend and buy yourself an actual chopping board that looks like the tablet. And if you want to make your Apple fan boys friends at your dinner party scream in horror while they’re watching you slicing a piece of cheese on this chopping board, you should buy it, because why not. The APPealing Cutting Board is made from tempered glass, it measures 8” x 12” x ¾” and you receive it together with a cheese knife and a protective cover. You can also use it to serve appetizers, different kinds of salads (I saw this on a cooking show, yes), or small deserts. It would also make a fun gift – imagine the disappointment after realizing that it’s a fake iPad.

This little prank will set you back $30.