The Fortress Safest Luxury Safe opened

This is so cool, if I’d have one, I’d never ever keep any of my watches on my wrist or smoke any of my cigars. Like a golden era to modern times fortress mash-up, The Fortress is the best name Dottling could have found for this state of the art safe. Because keeping money in a safe is too mainstream, and you’re a rich hipster after all, this safe keeps your watches, cigars and jewellery away from .. well away from anything and anyone. And if it doesn’t you’ll get $1,000,000 – the certified insurance cover. The Fortress can also “silently” alert police if attempts are made to open it.

The thing I like the most about it is you can actually match it with your black leather armchair. I’ll take 2.

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The Fortress Safest Luxury Safe 3

The Fortress Safest Luxury Safe in the world

The Fortress Safest Luxury Safe closed


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