Tired of your old furniture? For those of you who plan on getting some fresh additions inside the house, I’ve just stumbled upon some very interesting and cleverly designed pieces of furniture that might draw your attention. Nicola Conti, an Italian interior designer, has created the Slap Furniture series, a collection of furnishings that distinguish themselves from everything else you’ve probably seen.

[adsense300gray]Well, the image might be a little familiar, as these pieces of work feature something which is no stranger for most of us. They feature peeling edges which offer the impression of an object that’s been through a lot, yet the edges that I’m talking about look extremely cool and stylish, being beautifully integrated into the collection. Besides revealing a small part of the wood used in the making, they also serve the purpose of opening the furniture’s storage spaces, which surely have the coolest handles ever. The furniture is defined by a combination between white and the warm color of wood, being nice and simple, suitable for every place in the house, including the bathroom.

slap furniture

slap furniture 2

slap furniture 3

slap furniture 4

slap furniture 5

slap furniture 6

slap furniture 7


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