Here’s an interesting piece of work designed for those of you who love reading and want something good looking for holding your precious friends, the books.

Designers Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti created the “Read Your Bookcase” for Saporiti, an Italian furniture and interior design company. At first glance, this intriguing bookshelf looks more like a labyrinth of some sort, but you’ll soon realize that it’s, in fact, a clever host for your beloved books, or even vinyls.

[adsense300gray]Why ? Well, on one hand, its design has been thought to make the best out of the available space, but on the other hand, when looking at it from a bigger distance, you’ll  be able to read a sentence which is also the bookshelf’s name: “Read Your Book Case”. Interesting concept, don’t you think ? Needless to say that it will look great in every room, adding a nice touch to it and making your books feel nice and comfy when sitting next to each other in what appears to be a great combination between being practical, but also very stylish.