The way we sit at work and at home is a long time due problem that could probably enhance our lives greatly if solved. The average person spends almost 8 hours sitting on a chair, in front of a desk, either at work or at home. Didn’t you get to the point where you hate sitting down and getting numb? Fluidstance, a company targeting health improvement solutions, released The Level: a board that jumpstarts your blood flow and increases your heart beat.

[adsense300gray]The Level is simple by design but complex in its actions. Once you step on it, it creates small leg movements making the user avoid prolonged stances and reducing the risk of feeling numb after a while. The board exerts basically the same movement and requires almost the same effort as when walking. All this is possible thanks to the patent-pending technology enforcing optimal three-dimensional movement on sagittal, transverse and coronal planes.

Third-party studies have revealed that The Level increases blood flow considerably, and adding an average of 12.2 extra heartbeats per minute to the one using the board. Also, for those concerned, The Level is not posing concentration problems; it has been shown experimentally that people typing while using The Level did not witness an increase in their spelling errors.

While The Level is a great complement to any standing desk, you can also use the board at home while you are doing activities requiring a standing position. It will work just fine when taking long office meetings. Until March, when Fluidstance is about to release designated mats, it is best to use a protection between The Level and the floor in order to avoid any damages, similar to the ones produced by rolling chairs.

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