[adsense300gray]Just moved in a new place or just looking for getting a really modern and fancy looking shelf for your living room ? Forget about those boring looking shelves that you find everywhere and take a look at something you don’t usually see in your average Joe’s home. The Fire Escape Wall Shelf! Yes, you got that right, that’s a miniature fire escape which feels cozy when placed to your wall and really ties the room together, bringing more fun to it and a lot of smiles from your guests!

You can place everything on it – plants, figurines, books, magazines, candles, even photos and paintings  – there’s really nothing that wouldn’t find its place and look good on it. When running out of space, you can also hang things from it.

If you’re a cat owner, I bet that your little buddy will also love hanging around your shelf and look funny when taking a nap on it. To be even more creative, you can add a cool wallpaper behind it, with a brick pattern imprinted, so the scene would seem even more realistic. Some toys would also look great, just let your imagination flow and bring life to some funny scenes and stuff like that.

Fire Escape Wall Shelf 2
Fire Escape Wall Shelf 3
Fire Escape Wall Shelf 5
Fire Escape Wall Shelf 1
Fire Escape Wall Shelf