Given the fact that New York is well known for its hefty rents and hard to find affordable living places, Graham Hill, an entrepreneur and the founder of TreeHugger, created a functional apartment that has a surface of only 420 square meters. Well, it surely isn’t a lot, but this apparently tiny living space consists in a bedroom, a home office, guest office, bathroom and can also host 10 guests for dinner. How? Well, due to the transformable living space, which features a moving wall, two guest beds, a main bed and more.

The transformation is made by moving around the bookshelf for creating a bedroom and opening cabinets and furniture for adding functionality to the desired purposes. Thus, you can turn the bedroom into a living and dining place just in a few minutes by accessing the “hidden” fittings and furniture and moving them around. The overall atmosphere breathes elegance and luxury, as only high quality materials were chosen for developing this amazing project. Also, the apartment is located in the famous SoHo neighborhood, which is a premium area of Manhattan.