The Dom’Up tree house is most likely the upgraded, pumped-up version of what we wished to have in our sweet childhood. A tree house where you can actually sleep in, read, listen to music or simply spend time with a loved one. Bruno de Grunne, dutch arboriculturist and architect Nicolas d’Ursel have spend time together and what came out is a suspension style tree house that requires as little as two trees to be properly anchored. Dom’Up rests on a lightweight octagonal platform that surfaces 16 square meters.

[adsense300gray]Thanks to its no-trace technology developed by Trees and People, it can be anchored without causing any damage to trees or leaving any traces. The skeleton of the platform is made of galvanized steel while the removable floor tiles are made from actual wood. The roof of Dom’Up is built out of thermo-welded tarpaulin which, besides its strength, is also UV resistant. You won’t have to worry about melting through the hot summer days.

Although Dom’Up may take a few days to set up, producers state that it worth the time; once emplaced, this tree house can hold its position for years to come, even in slightly bad weather. It can hold quite some weight, including a bed and two or three people at a time without any problem.

Being available for at $28,215, the Dom’Up isn’t the cheapest tree house and could really compete in price with a modest flat in some areas. However, it does not make it any less attractive and fun to have in your garden or near your cabin in the woods.