First started as a concept in March 2014, Luna is one of the new-age features of a smart home. It is a thin mattress cover that, once placed over your bed, it instantly turns your bunk into a smart object that can do temperature management, sleep tracking, along with other cool functions. The best part about this is that Luna integrates perfectly with your sleeping nest, without causing even the slightest discomfort.


Given its multitude of sensors, Luna mattress is able to track quite a few elements regarding your sleep. It records your heart rate, sleep cycles and even your breathing rate. Also, Luna combines this information with optionally other data collected throughout your day in order to get together the appropriate sleeping plan for the night to come. In the morning, Luna uses its integrated smart alarm system to wake you up at the lightest phase of your sleep; this aids to recovery and diminishes the cranky feeling we usually get when waking up.

The design of Luna allows it to be used on almost any bed, up to 21 inches tall. Luna fits from Full size beds up to California King size. According to producers, EU buyers should take the immediately above size of their bed, as the fabric can be tucked under the mattress without causing any damage.

Luna smartbed includes a dedicated app available both for Android and iOS, from which you can control different settings. The app automatically creates presets to suit your lifestyle, but can also be controlled remotely by internet. Control system is safe, as it features HTTPS and SSL cryptography.

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