My office is pretty neat and organized ..if I’m expecting visitors. But yea, mostly it’s pretty messy – and that’s the gadgets’ fault. There’s to many devices and tools I need in the reach of my arms on my desk. If you’re like me, you’ll surely enjoy this cool little list of solutions to keep your stuff well organized at your workplace.

Power Lines

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Kicking off this list with an awesome solution to keep your cords in order. The bad news is this is only a concept, but that shouldn’t keep you from building these cool power lines yourself!

Wood Office Organizer

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Made of two handpicked single pieces of solid oak, this cool organizer can be perfect rest for your mobile phone, wallet, keys, some pens and whatever you may have lying under no order on your desk. It also has some magnets that your paper-clips would love hanging on.

Like Clips

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We know your life is inseparable from Facebook, so here you go, approve of those invoices, papers etc. Get this to your secretary/assistant and she’ll get the point. Alternatively you can just use those upside-down for rejecting the important papers.

Lab-solutely Organized Desk

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Don’t just experiment with an elegantly tidy workspace – certify that your space is worth studying with this trio of supply-filled test tubes! Arriving in a vintage-inspired metal stand, powder-coated in white with a padded base, these glass vials feature paperclips, pushpins, and binder clips beneath their pliable black plugs.

iStick Multifunction Desk Organizer

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iStick is a great combo that organizes both your virtual stuff and goods. It comes with a photo slot, cup holder, 3 USB ports, pen holders, memo pad box, business card box, a multi card reader plus some more cool spaces.

Floating Books

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It seems like the only thing making the books obey the law of gravity are the massive wooden frames. You’ll only get to see the secret behind it once you remove the books.

Cordies Executive

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Our classic cable keeper just got upgraded to a class of its own. Cordies Executive is made from heavy aluminium and keeps unruly cables and devices organized and weighted down on your desk.

Njustudio Hockenheim Stool

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Solving two problems at once – storage and furniture, the Hockenheimer is a Swiss made solution for your office. It also looks great!

iPhone Dock

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The Chisel iPhone Dock is a beautiful way to prop up, charge, and showcase your iPhone. Featuring a minimalistic design, the dock is handcrafted from renewable bamboo and offer a unique and stylish alternative to a generic iPhone dock.

Chalkboard Mail Organizer

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Organize your office mail, keys, documents and ideas with this simple sturdy wooden board with deep pockets to hold plenty of mail and multiple hooks for keys. The entire board and pockets are painted in chalkboard paint, so that you can customize it.

The Sanctuary Organizer and Charger

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A place to put the multitude of personal items we all carry around so they are easily located again when later needed and, always fully charged. The charger is compatible with 1500 electronic devices from most major brands and a USB port allowing hundreds more electronic devices to be charged using just The Sanctuary.


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