Timelessly designed, the new offspring of Revo, hand-crafted SuperSignal radio, reminds you of the extremely chic retro mid-century age. But its vintage aesthetics shouldn’t make you question its acoustic properties.

SuperSignal radio is equipped to receive DAB/DAB+ broadcasts and the traditional FM with RDS. Every design detail of SuperSignal has been developed in order to offer you the best sound quality. Starting with the hand-crafted, furniture-grade walnut cabinet, being wide-spread that no other material provides a greater audio performance as the wood, and the anodized aluminium front facia and speaker grille. This beautifully crafted radio offers you superb acoustics even if you choose to stream music wirelessly, from every Bluetooth enabled device you own, including laptops and tablets, with no physical dockering necessary.

[adsense300gray]Additional CSR aptX technology implies that, where supported, streaming music will be at CD quality rather than the lower bit rate MP3 quality of standard Bluetooth. For those of you interested in using SuperSignal as a night-stand radio, you should be pleased to learn that it’s equipped with a full digital alarm clock. A detailed graphical OLED display and an intuitive joystick are paired for quicker and easier navigation, adding a touch of modernity.

Revo’s new offering, the SuperSignal radio, casts a shadow of a doubt, whether it offers more than an attractive appearance. Blending an industrial design with much modern, unexpected features, SuperSignal is also the perfect match for outstanding audio performances.