Living in the city comes with its advantages and disadvantages. There are some people who still want to have a small patch of green in their balcony, or to have some beautiful flowers, and why not grow their own fruits and vegetables.


But living the crazy, no-time, always on the run city life, leave them with no time and energy to properly take care of their plants. That is why the Glowpear Urban Garden self watering planter is exactly what they need.

The planter has been designed for a wide variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits, which you can grow basically anywhere. It is perfect for patios, decks, courtyards and balconies, as it is stylish, contemporary and required low maintenance. With the integrated self watering system you will not have to worry anymore that you forgot to water your plants or that you will have to ask your neighbors and friends to take care of them when you have to leave for several days.

You can easily connect several planters to expand your garden and the built-in drip tray ensures both outdoor and indoor surface protection. The planter is made of recyclable materials and its dimensions are 75 cm length, 48 cm width and 50 cm height.

Now you can bring nature into the city!