Don’t we all have the same fear of monsters? Apparently we do, since anti monster emergency kits have been created in order to protect us from any zombie invasion that might occur in our perfectly calm lives. Don’t get too excited, the only thing that these kits can protect is your wall. I am not saying their quality is bad, I am just saying that they are destined for your wall. These are non functional objects serving as pieces of art giving you interior design a touch of paranormal.

Nowadays people have become more and more infatuated with this unreal world that we have been bombarded with from books, movies and TV series that even the art had to change. Why have a normal painting in your living room? When you can have your love for monsters displayed through this kit.

[adsense300gray]Surely there is nothing wrong with this. Actually it’s pretty unusual and might give your house a whole new vibe.

It seems that we people are kind of attracted to these fictional characters and maybe that is our general perception as humans when it comes to the idea of other creatures. Is this whole curiosity to see if we are the only ones in the Universe and how it would be like meeting new living spices? And upon this frenzy some people found their way to make money.

You have shelves and shelves of books about vampires, zombies, wolves and movies about them as well and now you have anti monster emergency kits. What is really interesting is that we are more likely into what can harm us…is like the only thing that looks appealing about these creatures is their way of destroying our race.

Therefore you can start showing your interest in this paranormal subject by hanging your fear of monsters on your wall. “Your fear” might look great in a modern house, designed in a minimalistic way in order to make the kits stand out and catch your attention in a blink of an eye. Or, in a house decorated with other characters as you can see in Pharell’s Miami apartment. ->

As you can see interior design has no limits and vampires, zombies and wolves are just the perfect pick for you little modern house. More craziness and imagination will make no harm. These kits might be your “piece de resistance” in your living room.