There’s nothing that screams Summer more than hanging out with your friends all day long. And since you’ll probably have some girls over (hopefully!), we thought we’d share with you an inflatable outdoor lounge area that could replace those ragged old lawn chairs.

The AirLounge is perfect for garden parties, reception and corporate events, or fairs, and if you want to promote your business, throw a beach or a cabana party, and this will definitely be a point of attraction. It’s eye-catching, versatile and extremely comfortable. It comes with its own 1,000 W pump that inflates it in only 10 minutes and can hold up to 30 people at a time. Imagine how many tables and chairs you would have to carry around and arrange to accommodate this number of people. It also easily deflates so it doesn’t take up space and can be effortlessly stored inside.

The material is really easy to clean – just wipe the mess off; it’s also water and weatherproof. It can resist temperatures from -30° C up to 70° C, it’s not easily breakable and it doesn’t turn yellow in time. The lounge area comes in more colors than white and with the option of branded (or not) cushions. It also features a center table with 244 cm in diameter that keeps the drinks comfortably within reach.

But, as you can imagine, all this doesn’t come cheap, so remember to tell the girls to leave their pointy heels at the entrance, or you’ll be left with a $7,000 to $9,000 worth of polyester in your back yard.