New times, new shapes

So many great things have come out of carving wood, making it bend to the will of the man. From tools to weapons, from heat to structures and defence positions. Maybe these things have gone too far now, but that is a discussion for some other time. This is what the Taiwanese designer Cheng-Tsung Feng wanted from his bamboo work. To take things a step further. Looking at the result, I’d say there is definitely something there. In this modern and classy design lies countless hours of practicing the old habits of our ancestors.

Traditional is never out of shape

The way this man used the old techniques of craftsmanship to put his imagination to work speaks for itself. The results are astonishing. It’s fresh and traditional, and everything in between. He gave his wood some applications I have never seen before. Also, looking at his age, you can say there’s still a lot to come from him, but judging only by this, one might say he’s already pretty much accomplished. The shapes, the ideas, the combinations of motives are part of this entire ensemble. Check out the pictures, judge for yourself and give the man the credit he deserves.

It still amazes me how many bends and curves can the human mind and imagination can still stand and take. With every piece of inspirational work I have the chance to admire, I understand the limitless opportunities given to us by the green, wild and so, so free nature. We can understand that everything surrounding us is nature: love, hatred, desire, birth and death. Every element is shaping our culture and civilizations but much more it does to our spirit and beliefs.