If vintage, old and even ancient objects are your thing, my guess is that you’ll be quite interested in an intriguing piece of furniture created by Polish design studio Holzano. What’s so special about it? Well, their piece of work is made from the oldest wood ever to be found – the Kauri wood. It originates from a New Zealand forest which was buried 50,000 years ago after an unknown natural disaster occurred.

[adsense300gray]The wood was preserved and stumps and root pieces of it are carefully extracted and shipped to Poland for being turned into some cool furnishings. The pieces are sliced in 200 pounds slabs that are left to dry for 2-3 years, then handcrafted and treated with natural TUNG Oil for giving it a subtle glow. The tabletop is supported by 4 steel legs which are very solid and stable. The Kauri Table can be customized according to your wishes and its size can reach up to 4 meters, with a thickness of 10 cm. Don’t expect it to be cheap or something like that.

Kauri Table

Kauri Table 2

Kauri Table 3

Kauri Table 4

Kauri Table 5

Kauri Table