[adsense300gray]If you’re a nature lover and an environmentalist, now there’s an Escape for you. Really now, if you want to take a trip in the woods but you want to do it in style,  Escape provides you with all the necessary means for survival and then some : fun! Yeah, you got that now! Escape is „the” cabin in the woods (if you wish), but in a good sense of the word (s). Built from natural materials only, I can safely say that no plastics were harmed during the construction of the cabin. I am kidding, but this wooden cabin is made of natural, biodegradable materials only and using high-tech / energy conscious appliances, to quote its creators. The best thing about this  environmentally friendly residence  is that it can be enjoyed  almost everywhere, especially if you like to get around. It can be rented and/or used as a guest cabin, a vacation cottage, for impressing a hot chick or just for meditating, away from the crazy world we’re living in. The Escape cabin is obviously hand crafted and it’s located in Wisconsin. Oh, I forgot the best part : it’s mobile, and it can be delivered to you anywhere. So mom, if you’re watching, this is what I want for Christmas!

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