These unique lamps will make you feel that you’ve brought wilderness into your home, for a perfect evening atmosphere.

The cracked log lamps are designed by Duncan Meerding and they represent pieces of furniture that are highly personalized, given the fact that he loves nature and strives to bring it in people’s homes with every item he creates.


These lamps are actually made of real logs that have been saved from being burnt. Light is shed only through the wood’s natural cracks, as the designer manages to envision what others might see as flaws as advantages. The more cracks the log has, the better and the more light it produces. The effect is quite amazing.

Meerding’s love for nature is not the only thing that gives this piece such a personal touch. The dim light that barely makes its way through the cracks resembles the designer’s own impaired vision, as he is considered legally blind.

As far as the design is concerned, it seems ironic that the logs were meant to be burnt and are turned into lamps that look as if fire were coming from the core of the wood.

The cracked log lamp that emits warm rays of light is available in two versions – one that is meant to be placed outdoors and one that can be hanged over most light bulbs in your house.