Does it look like lock-picking could be done so fast just in movies? Well, think again. Probably anyone could learn how to take out the locksmith inside them and figure out how to pick a lock. You have to start easy, then increasing difficulty until it gets really challenging. Guess what? The guys from Markershed are offering a lockpick school kit that fits inside a wooden box. That’s right, you will get your own tool set and locks to play with until your hands start getting used to the technique.


The whole set is placed inside an attractive wooden stand that has been told to be sturdy, built to last. It features 5 locks, each one providing an increased difficulty level than the previous; this way, lock no 1 has only 1 pin set in place, while number 5 features the whole pin set and its the hardest to lockpick. Apart from the five locks, you will also get a tension tool, 4 picks, a key and an instruction manual.

According to user reviews, it seems that the manual that accompanies the lockpick school kit isn’t all that efficient in showing the art of locksmitthing to the user. Instead, you will have to do some extra research and check out some youtube videos in order to actually get your hands accustomized with this process. Still, the internet is full of interesting and well explained tutorials, and once you got the set on your hands, just dive right in and check out how good of a lockpick master are you.