It’s always great when you can do more than one thing that you’re passionate about at the same time. I know you’re already thinking about dirty stuff, but this is not that kind of website – we’re talking about cooking and technology. Finding amazing recipes to cook for yourself or your family always brightens up the day, but when you have to walk back and forth to the computer because you can’t remember the ingredients, it’s not that fun anymore. Plus, tablet cases are unpractical in a kitchen setting – you can’t read at a good angle, they get dirty, or worse, they can slip off the counter.

With all that said, we bring to the table (pun intended!) a solution. Sure, it’s not the most incredible thing ever, but it works! ┬áVictorinox has added a discreet shelf to the common knife block, that can support your iPad, maybe a magazine, or any tablet and e-reader. The block comes in two colours – dark and light brown – whatever suits your kitchen, and it has slits and carvings for 11 knives, plus honing steel and shears.

I really wish they had designed a transparent case of some sort, to cover the tablet, but I guess you can’t have’em all.