Just like a front porch or a back yard swing, a fireplace is one of those nostalgic pieces in your home that make holidays better and create an overall cozier space. But, as you’ve probably been accustomed by now, modern times ask for modern approaches. No longer will Santa slide down the chimney to enjoy the milk and cookies you’ve put out for him. Instead, you’ll probably have to leave the door unlocked because these tiny fireplaces with no chimney are no match for Santa’s fuller figure.

The Cocoon fireplaces are elegant and minimal pieces, designed to provide the same homey feeling that regular fireplaces do, but without overbearing the room. They are discreet, but still give an edgy feel to the room without disrupting the unity of the interior. But the Cocoons are not just decorative pieces – they are functional fireplaces that will provide warmth for about 6 hours, more or less, depending on how you adjust it to run. The combustion chamber holds 1.5 liters of bio-fuel (ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol or grain alcohol) that while burning will only emit a very small amount of CO2, just about as much as a candle. The type of fuel used with these fireplaces ensures that no smoke comes out of the chamber and no flue will be needed. 

[adsense300gray]The fireplaces are all made out of combinations between stainless steel aluminium and carbon steel (for the shell), with an additional black satin or mirror finish on some of the models. Apart from the regular place where you would find a fireplace – on the wall, the Cocoon products can also be hanged from the ceiling or placed on three legs next to your soft armchair or couch.

All in all, the Cocoon fireplaces have every argument in their favor: they have an elegant and contemporary look, they’re eco-friendly and they’re safe. Unfortunately, the price labels aren’t posted on the company website, but you’d probably pay no less than $1,500 for one of these hot pieces.