When it comes to stature, many physicians bold out the fact that the majority of desk workers have an improper position given either by the shape of the chair or the height of the desk. Integrating elements of Scandinavian design, the MacBook Wall Desk is ready to solve the problem regarding proper height placement.


It allows you to screw the two knobs onto the wall and then firmly set the desk at the desired level. Given its angle, it balances perfectly between creating a non slippery surface and a great angle for heat dissipation. While MacBook Wall Desk can be used as a standing desk, you can still use it while sitting. This is especially important when a room or office lacks space, or when the power socket is in a remote location inside the room.

Working long hours in front of a screen inevitably brings neck and shoulder pain, wrist aches and sleepy state of mind. Using a proper desk will reduce these symptoms allowing for a longer period of productivity before fatigue sets in. It is important to set the proper height of the MacBook Wall Desk on the first try, as screws will leave holes in the walls. In our opinion, a better clinging system would have been desired.

The MacBook Wall Desk comes in Walnut and Oak versions. It weights 700 grams and provides a flat surface of 40×30 centimeters. MacBook Wall Desk features a 10cm height, just enough to store a keyboard and a mouse underneath.