Today, I’ve stumbled upon one of the coolest bookshelves I’ve seen and, of course, I’m going to show it to you. The masterpiece is known as Metamorfosis and is created by Sebastian Errazuriz, a famous artist and designer which is very well known for his beautiful artworks.

The awesome bookshelf has been designed as to resemble with the crawling ivy. The artist was inspired by the ivy that crawled on his childhood home, as he used to use its branches for placing his toys. Well, this habit gave birth to a wonderful idea and those of you who enjoy having nature-inspired decorations and furnishings in your homes will be quite delighted when seeing this elegant and unique accessory. The bookshelf is hand crafted and can hold a big amount of books or other items and will look great in your living room, for example, adding a special feel to it.



Metamorfosis 3

Metamorfosis 4

Metamorfosis 5