[adsense300gray]As there are only a couple of months remaining until the winter holidays, here’s a great idea of a gift for offering it to a good friend. Or for keeping it, after realizing how cool it is.
I’m talking about the Beer Bottle Lamp. Yes, it looks like a beer bottle with a light bulb and it actually is. The lamp’s body is made from black iron piping, having an industrial look, but the star of the show is the real beer bottle attached to it for hosting the light bulb. The bottles used for manufacturing this baby are old fellows, coming from the period between 1890 and 1920, so you should appreciate them for their age and durability.

For turning the light on and off, you have a rotating faucet – another neat idea that makes the lamp even more interesting and plays an important role for its industrial look.
Besides the creativity of its designers, we should also appreciate the quality of this nice and unique object, as you can tell, even from looking at pictures of it, the attention paid to the details and fine craftsmanship.

The Beer Bottle Lamp is a cool handmade item and will surely catch everyone’s eyes when sitting in your living room. It’ll definitely feel like home in a pub, though.

beer bottle lamp

beer bottle lamp 1

beer bottle lamp 3

beer bottle lamp 4