With the invention of smartphones, our lives became easier, more organized and, why not, safer. We have infinite apps that help us with our daily tasks and keep us informed all the time.

Keeping your house safe is really hard. Having your hose broke into is even worse. What if we told you that you can protect your house using only your smartphone? Kuna does all the work for you. At a first glance Kuna is just an elegant outdoor light fixture, but a second glance you will see the small camera built-in.

What is does? The camera streams live video which you can watch remotely, the speaker and microphone work as a two-way intercom and the light can be turned on and off on a schedule or when the motion detector is activated by something or someone. Kuna can also act as an alarm siren. The company has tested the camera to stand up to heavy rain, snow and 100 degree direct sunlight.

[adsense300gray]The camera draws power from the 120-volt lines found at any typical light fixture, has a 116-degree lens, records in 720p and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and to the internet over Wi-Fi. Kuna comes in three different styles to match your house: Craftsman, Traditional and Contemporary.

Kuna is able to make the difference between trees and people, and it ignores small animals. As the gadget recognizes people’s behavior ,you can tell Kuna to alert you only when someone is waiting at the door.

Now you can avoid getting robbed and putting yourself in danger by having to answer to the door. You can now stop a break in only by using your smartphone. Isn’t technology great?