Let me show you one weird piece of furniture that resembles a stealth fighter.I may be wrong but that’s what it looks to me, a piece of furniture that mimics the design of an F 117 ¬†fighter airplane.

[adsense300gray]Ji Delugre seems to be an interesting dude (actually, I hope it’s a dude, because with Asians you can never tell for sure, and certainly not from their names), at least if we’re judging him by his latest creation, the BUK sideboard. Made of solid oak and built to avoid radar when flying from your window, thrown on the sidewalk by your ex, the warped geometric shape of the BUK is pretty stunning, at least visually. Conceptually, the design may be the mental residue of too much out-of-this-world aesthetics combined with a wrong understanding of western culture. I mean, this weirdly looking shaped object is not something I want to face when I wake up in the morning after too much Jack Daniels, but that’s me, I’m not perfect. Maybe, who knows, you, dear reader, will enjoy the craftsmanship (which is superb) and the glossy wax finish of this furniture. I am talking strictly about the design and I’m no art dealer.


buk 2

buk 3

buk 4

buk 5