Surely, the instinctual reaction that comes with seeing an article about light switches and dimmers is „Who cares?” – but, seriously, look at them, they’re pretty impressive. Not everyone’s taste and lifestyle will be reflected in $50 worth of light switches, but for those of you who consider details like these important, checking out the Electricity range from Buster + Punch is a must.

[adsense300gray]These pieces come in a variety of color and metal combinations. They’re available in steel, brass, smoked bronze, black and white, to blend or complement the wall colors and the furniture. The dimmers are diamond-cut knurled, so that every touch feels… expensive to touch and the flat plate is accessorized with the Buster + Punch signature penny buttons. Of course, if you’re planning on placing these switches and dimmers on your walls, you have to go big and also buy the matching plug sockets.

The products won’t be shipped for another two weeks,¬†but until then you can check out the company’s online store for more unique home¬†accessories. They also sell a couple of stunning furniture pieces – so far, a cocktail bar and an exquisite chair, that will make you feel like a million bucks. Don’t forget to browse through the limited edition section for some custom motorcycles and a few other fun things.