How does it sound to have your own private labirynth where you can go to and escape the outside world. The least to be said about such a concept is that it sounds ironic. However, Art Design Craft, an artist company led by Benjamin Nordsmark shows how you can add depth and dimension to a regular living room table by adding a labyrinth inside of it. We do find quite amazing.

Benjamin Nordsmark is a furniture and cabinet designer, a man that uses his education and skills to develop neo-modern designs to be applied in household environments. He has a master in Art Design from the Royal Danish Art Academy, obtained in 2011. According to his statement, the purpose of his work is to create a bold impression and make people think; if possible, even make some of them change preconcieved thoughts.


The labirynth table is built by adding a considerable number of walls under a sheet of diamond glass that acts as a roof for the labirynth, also ensuring the table is fully functional.   Inside the labirynth, there are six black painted figures that can be moved around through the maze using handles positioned below the table. The inner core of the table is built from stainless steel that lasts for years or even decades, while a 5mm layer of strong maple wood has beed added on top of the metal part. The handles work on every part of the table thanks to its magnetic features.

The labirynth table instantly generates the nostalgia of playing with figures as children, allowing the users to enhoy the feeling and get deeper into the story of the labirynth. Check out the way it works in the video below: