Most of us use superglue or other types of liquid glue to fix things around in the house or garage. Usually, you manage to get them do their job and stick things together, although sometimes not from the first try. However, you have to hate that remaining glue sticking to your hands way too fast. You get more of it on your hands than on the pieces requiring to be stuck together.


Bondic broke the ice with a new kind of liquid plastic welder that keeps the plastic in liquid for as long as you need it to. At first glance, it looks like a pen on one end with an LED on the other end. Once you turn on the UV led, you can use the tip to pour liquid plastic on the surface you need to glue. Once you’re happy with the set up, place the LED directly above the glue and wait about 5 seconds. The plastic will solidify and become very strong.

Given its flexibility, Bondic allows you to mold it into different shapes in order to restore broken elements, such as the tip of an USB plug or isolation tubing for electrical and audio cables. When a larger piece of material needs to be covered with Bonding, it is recommended to pour it in layers, solidifying the previous layer of plastic before pouring a new one.

Both the LED light and the liquid plastic are large enough to last for quite a while. However, running out of glue or UV light can be solved by acquiring refills. Considering the fact that it is portable and can stay liquid for years, until you manage to get it right, Bondic plastic welder is a must have tool in your household.