[adsense300gray]Here comes another innovation for those of you who are passionate about home improvement : Suck UK (I know, I laughed too) brings you the BottleLight. If you ever wasted your time and visited the good’ol United Kingdom, you will understand the principle behind sucking, bottles and lights. Because, you know, these people have a passion for drinking hard and their homes are always full of empty bottles, with the life sucked out of them. Well, with the BottleLight you can transform your empty bottles into lamps and basically that sums up what the BottleLight gizmo is all about. It’s also worth mentioning that the Bottle Light charges via USB (it’s rechargeable fortunately, unlike empty whiskey bottles) and it is powered by a tiny led. Designed by Steve Gates, this gadget will allow you to decorate your home with empty „vintage looking” bottles, without making you look like a total drunk.

bottlelight 2