Mika Becktor is the designer of this here GreenCase – an environmentally-friendly laptop case concept (which also doubles as a workstation). Safe to say, the project was unsuccessful in reaching its funding goal – maybe because the case looked like something you could make yourself out of a pizza box or an actual laptop box, or maybe it just looked downright unattractive. Whatever the reason, we applaud the initiative of making eco-friendly laptop cases. We, however, frown upon the fact that the initiative produced a tacky looking cardboard abomination to style.

Another version of the case was one made out of vegetable tanned tooling leather finished with vegetable based oils and leather balm. (which at least looked more sturdy and not in danger of decomposing as soon as you dropped your mug o’ coffee on it). Maybe she should’ve put that one first in the funding line. Better luck next time, Mika.