Names, phone numbers, meetings, dates, ideas, things to buy, simple thoughts, things to do – throughout a day we have to memorize lots of things! Most of the things you need to have in mind today are small things, which you’ll surely forget tomorrow. The purpose of the Analog Memory Desk is to allow you to record all these small facts…


Its creator, Kristen Camara, declares to be obsessed with the way people remember the past. Her exploration led to this peculiar desk. Equipped with 1,100 yards of paper which you can scroll through all those tiny pieces of information that today are so important but tomorrow are simply unnecessary. Very clever, indeed!

Or, if you’re the creative kind of person you can draw on it or write your literary work. Or how about scribbling it when you get bored? Or… what do you think of a game of tic-tac-toe/hangman? The possibilities are endless, the Analog Memory Desk is both useful and fun!

Made out of hard maple, butcher paper and a glass paper – this vintage looking piece of furniture is truly durable!

Quite impressive, huh? If it had been invented earlier, it would have surely influenced the way desks are made! Even so, the Analog Memory Desk proves to be very practical!