Are you on the lookout for a cool writing tool? Or you simply like playing with things? Well, we have something for you no matter the category you belong to! Curious?

Let us introduce you the Polar pen: the world’s first modular pen made out of magnets!You can use it as a pen or as a stylus,  or you can change it into all sorts of things: compass, revolver, spring – here are tons of possibilities! It will keep you busy for hours! When have you seen a pen this fun? It also makes us wonder: is it a toy or a tool?

[adsense300gray]Oh, and another cool thing: the magnets are made from neodymium (rare earth) coated in nickel which also was coated in gold or silver! Although very strong, the magnets do not interfere with electronics or credit cards.

Launched in 2013, the Polar pen became very popular almost instantly. It was created and developed by Andrew Gardner – the head of INDIEDESIGN.

It is available in 3 color options: gold, silver and gun metal, but you can combine pieces to create your unique pen! And you can do this simply because this is the beauty of a modular design.

Elegant an sophisticated, yet fun and original – the Polar pen will make you forget about your plain plastic pen!