[adsense300gray]Meet Iris, the application that will change your life! Well, maybe I’m exaggerating ,but Iris is one cool app. Iris is your electronic servant, the application that gives you total control over your house, by remote. All you have to do is to install it on your smartphone or on your laptop/computer, and you’ll be able to adjust the lights or to control your security system or your house climate, to lock/unlock your doors/garage, you name it.

Of course, you’ll have to install some smart gadgets around the house first, like a smart plug, a motion sensor, contact sensors, a smart thermostat, a range extended and a window decal, all these will allow Iris to take care of your home. There’s even a voice control option that allows you to use verbal commands for more convenience. I mean, what else can you ask for? With Iris, your home will be more secure and you will also cut on your energy bill. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of time for setting it up, as you can customize your house with an Iris kit in approximately one hour.