Streets are getting lonely, cars are hanging without a driver, creaks and crunches all around, but no people. Suddenly, a horde of man-like monsters are chasing you. Sounds just like the standard plot for a zombie movie, right?

Well, in case something like this might happen in the near future, a map of safe zones might be adequate to have. I mean, if Pentagon has a strategy to counter a possible zombie apocalypse, why would you be less prepared?

[adsense300gray]The guys behind Design Different have released a variety of safe zone maps for over 90 areas in the United States and Europe. These maps feature detailed routes and marked safe zones isolated from easy access. Mostly, marked locations are rich in forests, fish and have a close-by source of water; ideal for keeping yourself alive once the apocalypse emerges.

Every print includes a 1/4” white border. Maps are printed on a quality 240gsm paper, then wrapped in a water tight film bag made out of high clarity polyethylene. Inserted inside a 3 ply spiral material tubes, these zombie safe-zone maps are ready to be stored easy and be kept safely at hand.

The buyer can choose to customize his map, by changing size and color of the final product. Another great thing is that you can build your own custom zombie safe-zone map. Just enter the desired dimensions and color, then fill in your State / Country and City. You will receive a fully customized map of your own city, for $39.99.

While you may never need a zombie survival map, these fine printed elements are sure to beautify your room and add a taste of happiness to your guests upon seeing them.