[adsense300gray]Give the internet a tangibility like no-one before by setting up your own Likes counter in the window of your shop. Be proud of how many people thumbed-up your business and show it off to the world using a flip-clock. Specially designed for businesses, public places or marketing departments, Fliike lets you display your digital community wherever you might see fit, and convince customers that you’re a big shot on the interwebs.

It’s super easy to install – all you gotta do is plug it in, connect your Fliike to the “Smiirl” Wi-Fi network and open your browser on any page, set up your Wi-Fi network and password and then go to www.smiirl.com and follow the instructions to set up your Facebook page. Pretty straight-forward, don’t you think?

The first batch will be shipped at the end of November 2013.